Krud (krud42) wrote,

Writer's Block: Good Catch

Do you have a "catch phrase" for which you are known?
Do you mean, when people hear that catch phrase, they think, "Oh hey, that's what Krud says"?
Or do you mean, I have a catch phrase, and because of that phrase, I'm known (like the "Where's the Beef?" lady.)

Well, neither of those apply to me, so I will go with a third possibility, being a phrase that I say so often, that it has become a running joke for people who know me. And that would be, "the motor oil is erupting from your cousin's jetski."

Oh wait, sorry. That's not it. It's actually, "Ketchup on Tuesdays, are you mad?"

Shoot, that ain't it either. Hang on a sec...

*calls wife at work*

Me: "Hey, I have an odd question. Is there a catch phrase I'm known for?"
Her: "Er, what?"
Me: "It's a theme question of sorts on Live Journal. They want to know if I have a catch phrase for which I am known."
Her: "Well, there's your made-up swear words."
Me: "Oh, you mean 'fudge-nut-ripple-crisp-butterscotch-delight?'"
Her: "Yeah."
Me: "Hmmm. I tend to only do that around you, so I'm not known for it. I was going to say 'Did I do that?' But that wasn't me, that was Urkel."
Her: "Yeah, I mean, you misuse words a lot, but nothing specific."
Me: "So I don't repeat myself?"
Her: "Um... not really, you tend to vary your wording a lot. Though you stick to certain styles."
Me: "Well, that's a comforting thought, I guess. Though perhaps I should vary my styles more."
Her: "No, you don't want to do that, or people will get even more confused."
Me: "Good point. Okay, well, thanks for your help anyway."
Her: "If I think of something, I'll give you a buzz."
Me: "Eh, it'll be too late by then, but thanks."
Her: "You're welcome."
[The rest of the conversation needn't concern you.]

So anyway... to answer the question, no. No I do not have a "catch phrase" for which I am known. Sorry.

But I'm working on it. By this time next year, whenever someone hears the phrase, "Chickens have a lot of explaining to do," people will immediately think of me. And I will laugh quietly to myself in mild victory. Or something.

(Note to self: Cut down on the caffeine.)
Tags: catch phrase, writer's block
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