Krud (krud42) wrote,

Mmm.... bandwidth.

I can't believe it.

Half a decade ago, I was surreptitiously logging onto the internet at work via dial-up, only to have it curtailed when my boss removed the phoneline from my PC.

And now? Five years later? He's given me DSL access! I mean, what the heck?

Don't get me wrong, I'm tickled pink by the whole thing, suspiciously out-of-character though it may be for him... but it's just weird, is all.

So anyway, the good news (for me) is that this means it's far easier for me to post entries, even on here (which, for whatever reason, had always been a bit sluggish on dial-up, even when I wasn't browsing image-heavy entries.)

Now, whether I'll actually take full advantage of this new-found freedom remains to be seen. I'm still skittish about the whole identity thing, and I don't fully understand how the wireless router works; for all I know, he could have a log of everything I do on here. *paranoid glance behind shoulder*

I still don't actually use it when he's in the office. (Old habits die hard, apparently.) But I don't try to keep it secretive, since he's the one who "hooked me up", as it were.

I'm still not quite sure just how fast the connection is; the reading on my computer is based solely on the connection to the router, so it's artificially high. But I'm guessing around 372k/sec, or thereabouts. Which is something I'm still getting used to (having previously only been able to do dial-up, even at home. *grumble*)

Anyway, I gotta go and actually do some work, lest my boss start questioning his own judgment and pull the plug on the festivities...
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