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Krud's Journal Thingy™

(aka "Krud's Steaming Pile Of Thoughts")


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User Number: 290000
Date Created:08-03-2001
Number of Posts: 28

Once considered by many to be merely an urban myth, Krud sporadically shows up on random journal entries, spouting forth opinions and half-baked thoughts at innocent bystanders.
Strengths: Kind-hearted, semi-witty, good typing skills, stain-resistant, and able to detect baked goods at fifty paces blindfolded.
Weaknesses: Prone to puns, quick to misinterpret things, smells inexplicably like Cool Ranch Doritos™, and has a predominant fear of fabric softener.
Special Skills: Lie-crafting, Advanced Sarcasm, Irony Detection, Ability To Hold Breath For Long Periods of Time, And Lightning-Fast Sleep Reflexes.
Weapons: +2 Tone of Condescension (used only when necessary), Flame-resistant Emotional Shield, Stealth Flatulence, and a loud clicky pen.
Dislikes: Reality TV, weekend traffic, being pressured to enjoy anime, stealth mushrooms, coffee-like beverages, turn signal neglect, unnecessary sequels, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

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Thank you for checking the Bio Section of Krud42! We value your patronage, and if there's any way we can make your browsing session a more pleasant one, please, feel free to mention it to the person nearest to you until they back away.

My user pic is not an accurate representation of how I look (I'm much fuzzier in RL), and is in fact a blatant rip-off from "Get Fuzzy", a hilarious comic strip by Darby Conley that I highly recommend to all beings capable of proper comic-strip interpretation.

Thank you for your time. Help yourself to a free jelly donut.*


DISCLAIMER: "krud42" is in no way related to the lj named "krud". Any actual biographical information gleaned from the above text is purely unintentional. Your results may vary, in which case, perhaps you should get that looked at. Hardcopy printouts of this page are not considered legal tender in the continental U.S., but why not give it a try in one of the more backward island nations? I'm sure they'd have a good laugh after charges were filed.


* - Don't ask me where to find them. I'm only offering general advice here.
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