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Huzzah for Ineffectual Upgrades!

Okay, so for Christmas this year I got several gift cards for CompUSA, so that I could upgrade my computer, which was so out-of-date that it rarely, if ever, could run any software that came out within the past 3-4 years. (And when it could, it was choppy and/or slow.)

So I bought me a new motherboard, a new processor, and a new hard drive. Yay! Right?

Well. As happy as I am for having the upgrade (because ultimately, it IS better than no upgrade at all), I'm kinda kicking myself for not holding out for something better. Instead of getting the best I could afford ASAP.

For instance, the motherboard? Has almost no room for future growth. (Most motherboards have a lifespan, in which you can conceivably upgrade for some time.) it's based on a processor type that I just learned has been discontinued as of December of 2006. (Which would explain why it was so cheap.) So even though I didn't get the most powerful processor available for the motherboard (which would have been something like a dual-core 4000+ AMD 64 FX-2 or something to that effect), there's a good chance that by the time I can afford something better, they won't be available. (Or they'll be at a premium, because nobody's making them, resulting in scarcity.)

As for the processor? Well, it says it's a single-core, 64-bit AMD 3200 FX, which sounds much faster than my old 32-bit 2000 AMD Athalon XP. (2000 vs. 3200, right?) Well, the "actual" processing speed of the old chip was 1.6 Ghz, whereas this one is a whopping 2.0Ghz! So, a 25% increase in Gigahertz. Woah!) Again, a slight improvement, but perhaps not for the money expended. (Plus the fact that, without a 64-bit operating system [which I won't be upgrading to any time soon, on account of the fact that Microsoft demands hundreds of dollars for said OS], it behaves just like an old 32-bit one.)

And then there's the hard drive, which I'm actually happy with, more or less. Instead of my old 160GB 7200rpm EIDE drive, I now have a 160GB 7200rpm SATA drive. Which is better because, um... I'm told SATA is better. Potentially faster, at least. And maybe it is. It's definitely quieter, and easier to plug in. The only glitch now is that the "Remove Hardware Safely" icon on my taskbar seems to think that my main boot drive is now removable, which is hardly a safe assumption for them to be making, what with it containing Windows and everything else I hold dear [in a PC storage context, I mean]. (I haven't had the nerve to see what would happen if I were to click on the icon. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to disable the option entirely.)

I ran out of money before I could upgrade the memory, so I'm still using the old memory from my previous setup. (It's probably the slowest part of my system now.) The video is on-board, which in the past has always been anathema to me. But again, no funds means no new video, so I'm content with it for now.

But enough complaining. I'm off to lunch. Mmmm... lunch.
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