Krud (krud42) wrote,

Geekin' out over what they've done with the place

Wow, I'm really liking this new look for LiveJournal! I'm impressed and stuff.

I also see that I'm allowed 3 more pics in my free account.

This is looking so much better, though, and user-friendly, that I might consider getting a paid account. Which is something I've never voluntarily considered anywhere online before. I've always balked at the notion, due to years of being coddled by free internet services. But I've been slowly coming around to the logic behind the necessity in certain circumstances. (I still get annoyed by sites that pretend to be free and then cut you off and ask for money to go any further. Especially if it's a testing site or something. That's just a cheap trick.)

Oh, but anyway, I'm not sure what the going rate is here, but if I find myself frequenting here more often, I'll definitely need to look into it. (Though I have to admit, the free version of LJ is looking much better than the free versions of a lot of other similar sites, whose acronyms I won't name at this time...)

The new Weird Al album comes out this Tuesday, the... 26th?! Couldn't they have waited one more day? That would have been perfect. (If you don't know why, then don't worry about it.)

I've seen the new video, and while I don't know the original song in question, the premise is funny on its own merits.

There's also supposed to be a half-dozen cartoon videos on his album, which will be a Dual Disc [one side's CD, one side's DVD].) The library (where Krudita works) hates getting in dual discs, because there's no way to secure them. (Usually with CD's, they put a security strip on the label side. But since it's a two-sided disc, there IS no 'label side'.) I think they should just treat them like they do with DVD's (since one side is a DVD), but Krudita says that too many music albums are coming out as dual-disc, and they don't have the budget to replace the CD cases with DVD lock-cases, and besides that, the DVD cases won't fit on the CD racks. So anyway... *shrug*

I can tell I'm gettin' old (in the pop culture sense, at the very least), because I don't know a single one of the songs being parodying. (I had at least known the Billy Joel song from last album. No such luck this time around.) Maybe once I hear it I'll recognize one (just not the title), but I doubt it.

I wish I had cable, so I could see the "Robot Chicken" premiere of one of his videos. (I can only imagine what that'll be like.) That's supposed to air tonight, so no doubt it will be on YouTube or somewhere shortly thereafter. Until it gets deleted.

Well, I'm being sent on a quest to find a long-lost game patch, so I'd best be off. (I really need to learn that whole lj cut thingy...)

UPDATE: Okay, I just saw the FAQ, and am embarrassed that it was something so painfully simple...
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