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Date:2012-06-10 19:06
Subject:(Brief technical interlude)
Mood: curious

So, if you're reading this, odds are you are on LiveJournal (or are lurking at Dreamwidth.) Either is fine. This is really just a test to see if the "cross-posting" option works, allowing me to update my Dreamwidth journal the same time as my Livejournal journal, which has once again lay dormant for nearly two years. I figure at least this way it will get semi-sporadic updates, even if it is a bit of a simul-cast type situation.

 Since my Livejournal is (I think) a bit more "public", more or less, it will probably not get all of the posts I put here. (Certain updates in particular.) And I'm not sure why I'm even telling you this, as it really only matters to me.

Okay, i'm not going to say anything further (or indeed anything worthwhile) until I see whether this technique even works. I have no reason to doubt that it will, but since I've never done it before, I have no proof that it will either. Yet. We'll see, right.... now. *post*

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Date:2010-09-21 18:26
Subject:Has it really been two years?
Mood: contemplative

Boy, time flies when you're weathering family crises. o_O

But enough about that.

So... I don't remember what I last wrote about here, and am not feeling particularly inclined to go back and check, since it's been long enough to be a bit irrelevant. So I'll just fast-forward to now, and just write off everything before now as being on a need-to-know basis. Or something.

ANYway, I don't know that I'm necessarily "back", as such. I mainly just logged in to leave a comment on an entry someone had written for me, or thanks to me, or some phrase pertaining to me. But who knows, stranger things have happened. (Not that anyone would say, "Huh. He's back. How strange." Assuming anyone even noticed.)

Um.... let's see... I've been hemming and hawwing about a novel (or small series of novellas, I haven't decided yet) I started a few years back, spurred on by NaNoWriMo of all things. (Though I'd attempted novels numerous times in the past of my own accord.) I'm "halfway" through the story (though not really), and have since come to the realization/conclusion that it needs a significant rewrite. Which scares the crap outta me, because every past novel that I've attempted to rewrite, no matter its stage of completion, has ended up dead in the water. Because once I start tweaking something, I seem incapable of being fully satisfied with the results, and end up tweaking the tweaks, until eventually what I end up with is no longer recognizable as the story with which I'd started.

Still, based on some guidelines I've since read, combined with feedback I'd received from some guinea pi-- er, reader volunteers, I need to make a more concerted effort to provide sufficient background and characterization for not only what's going on so far, but for what will happen later, so that it doesn't seem out of the blue, or otherwise cause the reader to feel cheated or tricked somehow, even though that's not my intent.

Anyway, though I have a huge list of things to change, add, remove, and otherwise alter, I may just pick a handful of things to incorporate, and if necessary do the others. But it might only take slight changes, since I'd gotten fairly positive feedback so far, including from someone who was reluctant to read it because "they don't do fiction" due to its predictability. (So maybe the relative lack of cause-and-effect appealed to them, I don't know.)

I also need to decide whether this story is humorous or not. It started out as such, but the ensuing plotline doesn't quite lend itself to that, particularly the end scene(s), which are... well, dark. And not in a dark humor sense, but rather a "cover your mouth with your hand and look at the cover to make sure you're still reading the same book" dark. Which may be a sign that I need to change the ending too, who knows. o_O

Okay, enough rambling for now. I need some ibuprofen for this knee pain. (Oh yeah, that happened since last time. Yay, constant knee pain!)


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Date:2008-03-21 12:35
Subject:Writer's Block: Good Catch

Do you have a "catch phrase" for which you are known?
Do you mean, when people hear that catch phrase, they think, "Oh hey, that's what Krud says"?
Or do you mean, I have a catch phrase, and because of that phrase, I'm known (like the "Where's the Beef?" lady.)

Well, neither of those apply to me, so I will go with a third possibility, being a phrase that I say so often, that it has become a running joke for people who know me. And that would be, "the motor oil is erupting from your cousin's jetski."

Oh wait, sorry. That's not it. It's actually, "Ketchup on Tuesdays, are you mad?"

Shoot, that ain't it either. Hang on a sec...

*calls wife at work*

Me: "Hey, I have an odd question. Is there a catch phrase I'm known for?"
Her: "Er, what?"
Me: "It's a theme question of sorts on Live Journal. They want to know if I have a catch phrase for which I am known."
Her: "Well, there's your made-up swear words."
Me: "Oh, you mean 'fudge-nut-ripple-crisp-butterscotch-delight?'"
Her: "Yeah."
Me: "Hmmm. I tend to only do that around you, so I'm not known for it. I was going to say 'Did I do that?' But that wasn't me, that was Urkel."
Her: "Yeah, I mean, you misuse words a lot, but nothing specific."
Me: "So I don't repeat myself?"
Her: "Um... not really, you tend to vary your wording a lot. Though you stick to certain styles."
Me: "Well, that's a comforting thought, I guess. Though perhaps I should vary my styles more."
Her: "No, you don't want to do that, or people will get even more confused."
Me: "Good point. Okay, well, thanks for your help anyway."
Her: "If I think of something, I'll give you a buzz."
Me: "Eh, it'll be too late by then, but thanks."
Her: "You're welcome."
[The rest of the conversation needn't concern you.]

So anyway... to answer the question, no. No I do not have a "catch phrase" for which I am known. Sorry.

But I'm working on it. By this time next year, whenever someone hears the phrase, "Chickens have a lot of explaining to do," people will immediately think of me. And I will laugh quietly to myself in mild victory. Or something.

(Note to self: Cut down on the caffeine.)

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Date:2007-09-19 17:31

(Subtitle: Our "House" is a very, very, very fine "House"...)

I recently read a comment online about House Season 3 (now available on DVD), and their complaint about the show was along the following lines: Who knows anyone in real life that is that smart but that socially inept, and has such a high-ranking position, let alone for that long? The commentator went on to say that "a-holes with a heart of gold" are a myth.

What? A myth, on television? Bite your tongue! ':P

After you've bitten it, please click here.Collapse )

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Date:2007-09-19 17:12
Subject:Happy "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!
Mood: piratey

"And I guess that's why they want them doubloons
Time stuck on land
Could be spent with me crew
Hackin' and pillagin'
Swingin' my cutlass
Stowin' my plunder
From the land lubbers
And I guess that's why they want them doubloons."

(Apologies to Sir Elton John.)

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Date:2007-06-01 15:17
Subject:Fueling My Frustration
Mood: annoyed

Last Year: "Be glad your car doesn't run on milk!"

This Year: "Bring on the lactose-powered vehicles, please."

(To read the original article from which I am ranting, Click Here.)


The title of the article in question is "Gas Prices High -- But Not High Enough."

I rarely click on the links in my Hotmail, but that one just begged for a chance to explain itself.

The article, written by David Kiley for BusinessWeek.com, has one basic premise: The U.S. should institute a bipartisan dollar-per-gallon tax on fuel to "encourage" people to eschew their SUV's in favor of more fuel-economic (or fuel-alternative) vehicles, which would in turn lessen U.S. dependence on OPEC.

But apparently politicians are reluctant, because according to some polls, "no tax increase would be more unpopular with voters than a gas-tax increase."

Well, gee, let's see if we can't figure out why that is, hmmm?

Click here for my long-winded rambling rant.Collapse )

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Date:2007-03-21 18:27
Subject:Vernal Equinoxious
Mood: silly

Today's the first day of Spring 2007, so to kick things off, I'm going to write a content-free entry! (This differs from previous such entries in that, unlike my other content-free entries, this one was deliberate.)

Speaking of internet offerings devoid of any meaningful value, I highly recommend* that everyone on the planet install The Kevin Federline Search Toolbar. And as if that summary isn't enticing enough to get you to go there, how about this actual, unretouched blurb from the site:

"Play With Fire - Search The Web And Win With Kevin: Every time you search the web, you stand a chance of winning something from Kevin Federline. It's that simple. Really."

You heard correctly. You could actually win something from the guy who used to be with Britney Spears back when she had hair! (No, not those other two guys. The one whose abbreviation sounded like a prescription. K-Fed, I think it was.)

Some of the prizes include an autographed Kevin Federline 8x10 (I'm assuming that's a photo, but maybe it's a large plank of wood), a Kevin Federline T-shirt (hopefully they wash it), or an autographed copy of his new CD (which I'm guessing is "Play With Fire".) You might even win a ringtone! Of one of his songs, I'm guessing. (Though I haven't actually heard any of his songs. Except for that one in the commercial where he's working at a fast food place.)

Is it just me, or are the names Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline eerily similar? I'm guessing Britney's next beau will be someone named Nathan Lumbermill, or Mason Picklefork.

Please note that you don't have to install the toolbar in order to search with Kevin; the link I provided merely takes you to the search page, where you can read all about the wonders of searching with Kevin. It makes me wonder how so many internet users have gone this long without Kevin's help.

Okay, this topic is depressing me for some reason (perhaps something to do with my hope for humanity, but who knows), so I'm just gonna end it here.

[BTW, neither myself nor this site will be held responsible for any perceived or actual damages that may arise from any actual use of the above linked-to site. Just FYI.]

(* - Warning: sarcasm plug-in required.)

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Date:2007-03-01 18:27
Subject:Our Washer's Not Coin Operated, Apparently
Mood: okay

I don't know how my wife (who I anonymously refer to as "Krudita") puts up with me. She selflessly deals with my dirty laundry on a weekly basis, and sometimes gets more than she bargained for. For instances, sometimes I've accidentally left a Kleenex™ in a pocket, and after the washing machine is through with it, nearly every article of clothing is speckled with nasty tissue bits. (Which I then help pick off.)

She frequently reminds me to empty out my pockets, and though I usually do, sometimes I just forget. (It's only a testament to its durable design that my small thumbdrive made it through the wash and can still function properly.)

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Date:2007-02-24 12:09
Subject:Huzzah for Ineffectual Upgrades!
Mood: geeky

Okay, so for Christmas this year I got several gift cards for CompUSA, so that I could upgrade my computer, which was so out-of-date that it rarely, if ever, could run any software that came out within the past 3-4 years. (And when it could, it was choppy and/or slow.)

So I bought me a new motherboard, a new processor, and a new hard drive. Yay! Right?

Well. As happy as I am for having the upgrade (because ultimately, it IS better than no upgrade at all), I'm kinda kicking myself for not holding out for something better. Instead of getting the best I could afford ASAP.

For instance, the motherboard? Has almost no room for future growth. (Most motherboards have a lifespan, in which you can conceivably upgrade for some time.) it's based on a processor type that I just learned has been discontinued as of December of 2006. (Which would explain why it was so cheap.) So even though I didn't get the most powerful processor available for the motherboard (which would have been something like a dual-core 4000+ AMD 64 FX-2 or something to that effect), there's a good chance that by the time I can afford something better, they won't be available. (Or they'll be at a premium, because nobody's making them, resulting in scarcity.)

As for the processor? Well, it says it's a single-core, 64-bit AMD 3200 FX, which sounds much faster than my old 32-bit 2000 AMD Athalon XP. (2000 vs. 3200, right?) Well, the "actual" processing speed of the old chip was 1.6 Ghz, whereas this one is a whopping 2.0Ghz! So, a 25% increase in Gigahertz. Woah!) Again, a slight improvement, but perhaps not for the money expended. (Plus the fact that, without a 64-bit operating system [which I won't be upgrading to any time soon, on account of the fact that Microsoft demands hundreds of dollars for said OS], it behaves just like an old 32-bit one.)

And then there's the hard drive, which I'm actually happy with, more or less. Instead of my old 160GB 7200rpm EIDE drive, I now have a 160GB 7200rpm SATA drive. Which is better because, um... I'm told SATA is better. Potentially faster, at least. And maybe it is. It's definitely quieter, and easier to plug in. The only glitch now is that the "Remove Hardware Safely" icon on my taskbar seems to think that my main boot drive is now removable, which is hardly a safe assumption for them to be making, what with it containing Windows and everything else I hold dear [in a PC storage context, I mean]. (I haven't had the nerve to see what would happen if I were to click on the icon. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to disable the option entirely.)

I ran out of money before I could upgrade the memory, so I'm still using the old memory from my previous setup. (It's probably the slowest part of my system now.) The video is on-board, which in the past has always been anathema to me. But again, no funds means no new video, so I'm content with it for now.

But enough complaining. I'm off to lunch. Mmmm... lunch.

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Date:2007-02-07 18:50
Mood: accomplished

Well, it may be four years later than I'd intended, but I've finally started the process of converting my old MST3K tapes to DVD. This is a project I'd assigned to myself back in early 2002 when I got my DVD burner (so actually it's been almost five years. Dang.)

But due to the poor quality of the tapes, combined with the really old VCR and what I suspected was a subpar USB converter, half of them came across as "blue screen" (though I would have rather seen the static-filled image that it more likely was.) On top of that was the fact that I hadn't figured out how to record it at a decent resolution and still manage to fit it onto one disc.

Fortunately, I've finally replaced my VCR (which seems like an odd thing to do in the 21st century, especially since I didn't get one of the combos), so the blue screen is no more. (So far. *knock on wood*) And I've also learned the ins and outs of the "DVD Shrink" application, so I can now fit as much as two and a half hours on a mere 4.7GB DVD, while maintaining a reasonable resolution. (For my TV, anyway. I'm sure it looks like crap on anything approaching hi-definition.)

This will free up a lot of space in our apartment (since I intend to convert all the other tapes as well; I'm just tackling the less-replaceable ones first). It's amazing how much space a couple hundred videotapes can take up. (Okay, perhaps "amazing" is the wrong word. More like "annoying".) But more importantly, (to me, at least), this will ease my concerns that I'll lose years of Joel and Mike to the terrors of electromagnetic deterioration. (Now all I have to worry about is inferior digital media.)

The only hurdle remaining is that of time. The funny thing about VCR-to-DVD conversion is that it has to be done in real-time. And since we're talking many, many hours of footage, it will take many, many hours to convert them. So I'm sure it won't be long before I'll be deciding that certain tapes aren't "worth my time" to convert. (Like when I was scanning in old PC Gamer magazines, and eventually started picking and choosing which articles and reviews were worth keeping. Which is another project I've all but given up on.)

Of course, while I'm doing this, part of me says, "Is this really a worthwhile use of your time? I mean, seriously -- if you get hit by a falling zeppelin tomorrow, won't you feel silly having spent all this effort converting tapes and whatnot?"

To which I just respond, "Hey, why didn't you ask me this sort of thing while I was watching the Super Bowl?"

That part of me has no comeback to that.

(Thereby making this end rather abruptly.)

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Date:2006-12-08 07:00
Subject:I've Never Been So Proud Of My Dreamstate
Mood: amused

Last night I had a dream in which I had to impersonate a monk in order to flee to Mexico to avoid being killed by some Kevin Spacey look-a-like who was trying to frame me for a crime I didn't commit. But that's not the important part.

The important part is when I was at a fancy dinner with some foreign dignitaries (and Krudita), regaling them with trivia about Eskimos (much of which was gleaned from the song "Bulbous Bouffant", but that also is irrelevant.) And then came the bit that I'd never heard until my dream, and this is the first time that a dream has made me wake up and snicker. (Note: it's not that funny, just to warn you.)

In the dream, I turned to this large, serious-looking person and said, "And even though it sounds like I'm fascinated by Eskimo culture, the truth is I'm not really Inuit."


When I woke up this morning and told Krudita, she said, "That's terrible."

"Y'know," I said, "that's exactly what you said in the dream."

[So apparently I have a bad sense of humor even during R.E.M. (Not the band.)]

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Date:2006-10-31 18:57
Subject:Ad Nauseum
Mood: devious

I've decided what I really don't like about ads, both banner and pop-up varieties.

It's not that they're annoying, though there is that. But I've learned to ignore them, for the most part.

No, what bothers me the most (at this point) is that they make it nigh impossible to browse the internet at work and still have it look like you're doing work.

I can fiddle around in Word or Notepad, or Excel even, and at a glance it could just as easily be something important that I'm doing.

But if I want to go online and still keep up a facade of productivity, it can prove difficult when a big bright ad for Viagra™ appears on-screen.

I mean, even e-mail is tricky, because my webmail frequently shows ads of inadequately-clad women looking for "friendship" in my region. (Geographic region, I presume.)

It's hard to convince someone you're working on accounting when little animated smileys are waving to you and audibly shouting. (Never thought I'd be typing that sentence.)

So I'm grateful when I come to a site where it's possible for me to avoid the glaringly obvious ads that not only try selling to me, but to anyone else within range.

For that reason alone, I will wait until I can afford to pay to upgrade my LJ account, rather than trade up to the "commercialized" version.

In the meantime, thank you LiveJournal, for not making me hide you from innocent bystanders, who needn't know just how little a workload I have some days. ';)

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Date:2006-10-29 17:22
Subject:I Think I Know Now Why It's Called "Lost"
Mood: grumpy

J.J. Abrams is annoying the heck out of me.

First it was with "Alias" and his Rimbaldi storyline, which was ultimately a huge letdown for me. (Alias spoiler: Culminating in a larger-than-life version of the device we were shown in episode one of season one? Talk about your anti-climax.)

Now, it's "Lost", even though he's not really an active writer on the show (that I can tell).

We are partway through Season 3, and there are still a lot of questions that I suspect will never be answered (because I suspect there's no answer yet). For instance:

*WARNING: Huge spoilers for the TV show "Lost" (including Season 3) below. Proceed at your own risk*

Click Here For Spoileriffic Rhetorical Questions GaloreCollapse )

I could go on like this for much longer, sadly enough. But I won't because it's pointless. Much like "Alias", I fear that the writers are just throwing ideas out there, and the ones that stick, stick, and the ones that don't, well... they don't bring it up again, in hopes nobody will notice.

I'll keep watching it, of course, because part of me just wants to be there when it all falls apart. ':P Or maybe they'll surprise me and piece it all together beautifully, like they sorta promised from the get-go. But I'm not holdin' my breath...

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Date:2006-10-06 20:47
Subject:Pizza Mindgames
Mood: cranky

Last night we were nearly broke, but we managed to scrounge up enough money (mostly spare changes) to be able to afford Hungry Howie™'s $5 Value Menu.

(For five bucks plus tax, you could either get ten buffalo wings, a medium one-topping pizza [which is what we wanted], or a sub sandwich. And some other things that I can't remember right now.)

I wasn't sure if they still had the deal going, though, so I called them, waited through their mandatory advertisement recording (they never answer until the recorded ad has played at least once), and then they asked if I could hold, which meant a couple minutes of listening to nothing.

The Pizza Saga Continues...Collapse )

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Date:2006-10-04 20:47
Mood: tired

I wish LiveJournal would buy the domain name "liverjournal.com", because 4 out of 5 times, that's what I end up typing into my browser.

And I have no idea why.

No other thoughts to report at this time.

(Not even about my liver.)


"Guns don't kill people, physics kills people." - Dick Solomon, 3rd Rock From The Sun

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Date:2006-10-03 17:57
Subject:Baby Steps Forward
Mood: calm

I've always been a late bloomer in nearly every sense of the word (except perhaps mentally), and even though in some aspects of my existence, I cling to Dave Barry's assertion that "you can be immature forever", it's still nice to notice a few areas here and there where I'm actually maturing slightly.

Click Here For All The Sordid DetailsCollapse )

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Date:2006-09-24 16:39
Subject:Geekin' out over what they've done with the place
Mood: geeky

Wow, I'm really liking this new look for LiveJournal! I'm impressed and stuff.

I also see that I'm allowed 3 more pics in my free account.

This is looking so much better, though, and user-friendly, that I might consider getting a paid account. Which is something I've never voluntarily considered anywhere online before. I've always balked at the notion, due to years of being coddled by free internet services. But I've been slowly coming around to the logic behind the necessity in certain circumstances. (I still get annoyed by sites that pretend to be free and then cut you off and ask for money to go any further. Especially if it's a testing site or something. That's just a cheap trick.)

Oh, but anyway, I'm not sure what the going rate is here, but if I find myself frequenting here more often, I'll definitely need to look into it. (Though I have to admit, the free version of LJ is looking much better than the free versions of a lot of other similar sites, whose acronyms I won't name at this time...)
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Date:2006-08-25 16:58
Subject:Mmm.... bandwidth.
Mood: okay

I can't believe it.

Half a decade ago, I was surreptitiously logging onto the internet at work via dial-up, only to have it curtailed when my boss removed the phoneline from my PC.

And now? Five years later? He's given me DSL access! I mean, what the heck?

Don't get me wrong, I'm tickled pink by the whole thing, suspiciously out-of-character though it may be for him... but it's just weird, is all.

So anyway, the good news (for me) is that this means it's far easier for me to post entries, even on here (which, for whatever reason, had always been a bit sluggish on dial-up, even when I wasn't browsing image-heavy entries.)

Now, whether I'll actually take full advantage of this new-found freedom remains to be seen. I'm still skittish about the whole identity thing, and I don't fully understand how the wireless router works; for all I know, he could have a log of everything I do on here. *paranoid glance behind shoulder*

I still don't actually use it when he's in the office. (Old habits die hard, apparently.) But I don't try to keep it secretive, since he's the one who "hooked me up", as it were.

I'm still not quite sure just how fast the connection is; the reading on my computer is based solely on the connection to the router, so it's artificially high. But I'm guessing around 372k/sec, or thereabouts. Which is something I'm still getting used to (having previously only been able to do dial-up, even at home. *grumble*)

Anyway, I gotta go and actually do some work, lest my boss start questioning his own judgment and pull the plug on the festivities...

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Date:2006-03-05 00:14
Mood: blah

Sometimes I wonder whether I'd be better off "losing" certain things I've written, rather than saving them indefinitely for posterity (or whatever other reason).

The event that prompted this statement is a semi-bizarre one. For reasons too convoluted and irrelevant to go into, I was doing various Googles of the numerous names in my life, both real and pseudo, to see what kind of results I'd get. (It's amazing how many dopplegangers my names have out there.)

Anyway, a few of the results pointed to entries I'd written on various blogs. And since I was curious, I'd click on them to see what they were exactly.

What I discovered is that, in a matter of one or two paragraphs, I found myself being transported, mentally and emotionally, back to the time I'd written the piece. Which, if it was a fun and/or otherwise positive time, is great. Unfortunately, for one particular case, it was one of the more traumatic experiences of the past few years.

I had happily forgotten about the event, and wasn't particularly keen on reliving it. But upon reading my past entry about it, it all came back to me in a rather uncomfortable rush.

Now I'm trying to take my mind off it (yeah, by obsessing about it further, what's your point?), otherwise I might have bad dreams about it when I go to bed, and I'd rather not. But it got me to thinking: perhaps I would be better off deleting certain online texts of mine that I no longer wish to have a record of. Even if it was well-written, or important to me at the time, or whatever, do I really need to risk stumbling upon it again in the future? Especially if I've (consciously) gotten over it?

It's a tough decision for me, because I'm a packrat in every sense of the word, and that includes anything I've written/drawn/created. Perhaps if I printed a hardcopy if I really didn't want to lose it forever, and then deleted it online. At least then if I come across it, it will be... um, on paper. Which I'm not sure how it would be any better, but still... it's the only idea I have at the moment.

I'm interested to hear whether anyone else has run into this situation themselves. Have you ever decided that you'd rather not see something you'd written ever again? And not because you didn't like how you wrote it, but because it addressed something you didn't want to deal with again emotionally? And did you delete it, or just avoid looking at older stuff?

I'm not saying I want to pretend it never happened. I think I might just want to not see it on Google. ':P

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Date:2005-12-23 20:46
Subject:Random Interests Survey Thing

LJ Interests meme results

  1. cajun food:
    Huh, I don't even remember putting this on my list, but I must have. Anyway, whether it's gumbo, jambalaya, or... that other dish whose name eludes me at the moment... I can't get enough Cajun dishes. I even like Popeye's chicken, even though it's more of a gimmicky fast food thing (I'm guessing).
  2. demented music:
    Over the years I've had difficulty with people or things that take themselves too seriously, and music is no exception. Which is why I think that I've been interested in "novelty" or "humorous" music ever since I was a young squirt and my dad got me interested in perennial Dr. Demento favorites like "Fish Heads", "Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun", and "The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati". And of the songs I've written in the past decade or two, nearly half of them have been at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek (if not flat-out parodies.) Still, I occasionally find time to listen to an Eagles tune or a piece of classical music. But more often than not it'll be more like a TMBG tune, or something off a Simpsons soundtrack. (Yes, I am definitely a full-blooded nerd where music is concerned.)
  3. gallagher:
    Hmmm, I'm not sure I want to keep him on my list. There was a time when I really enjoyed the observational wordplay punctuated by whacked-out props and the occasional messy non-sequitur. But the last time we saw him in concert, he was merely a bitter, angry, sad little man. Not the best formula for comedy (unless you're Richard Lewis.)
  4. jim henson:
    The guy invented the Muppets, for Pete's sake. What more do you need to know? He is one of just a few people in the world for whom I shed a tear upon news of their death, who was not a relative. The Muppets (and their movies and subsidiary knock-offs) haven't been the same since he left this mortal coily thing.
  5. monty python:
    I used to be one of the pretentious Monty Python fans who'd look down on anyone who either A.) Got all of their only Monty Python experience from the "Holy Grail" movie, or B.) Thought Monty Python was an individual (i.e., "Monty Python? He's hilarious!") But nowadays I take a more relaxed stance about it. That is, I'll settle for someone even taking a passing interest in the group, or not rolling their eyes at random quotes. (But I still can't stomach amateur troupes who try to re-create the Python sketches. That's painful no matter who does it, I've found.)
  6. paul reiser:
    Y'know, I didn't think I had put this many PEOPLE on my interests list; it must just be the luck of the draw (since it pulled every 14th item). For those of you who are unaware, before he was "Mad About" Helen Hunt, Mr. Reiser was a stand-up comedian, one who did some of my favorite routines (mainly because I could identify with them. Well, and because they made me laugh.) One of my favorite ones is still the bit about speed dial and how it ruins your ability to recall numbers. "It's sad - now my phone has memory, and I don't."
  7. robert asprin:
    Robert Asprin is just one of several authors that I WISHED I could write like. He takes painful, groan-inducing scenarios, and makes them WORK in the context of his novels. He pulls of the nearly impossible task of making cliched, parody-like characters, and making you care about them. The only other person I can think of who's managed that is Terry Pratchett, and that doesn't quite count because his characters are often wholly unique unto themselves (but his name didn't come up in this random meme generation, so never mind about him.)
  8. singing:
    This is one of those interests that fluctuates wildly from time to time. I've been known to go entire weeks without uttering a tune (not usually good times), and then there are times when an hour doesn't go by when I don't burst into song. (Though perhaps "burst" is a bit melodramatic there. Maybe a better description of it is "mosey into song.")
  9. strategy games:
    I won't go into detail on this one, lest I inadvertantly cause the last few remaining readers' eyes to glaze over permanently. I'll just say that I get a kick out of building little towns that generate little people that run around chopping wood, building farms, and more often than not, waging pixelated war against someone over the internet. Though I like the ability to win "peacefully" in the Civ games. Okay, enough of that.
  10. they might be giants:
    I've already mentioned them under "demented songs", although there are undoubtedly TMBG fans out there who would consider it blasphemous to use the word "demented" in conjunction with their songs (though their song "Man, It's So Loud In Here", did air a few times on the Dr. Demento Show, as well as some of their others.) You can't help (and by that I mean "I" can't help) but admire someone who can write a stirring ballad about James K. Polk (our 11th president) or James Ensor (Belgium's famous painter). I think I retain more historical knowledge from their songs than I ever did from my high school history classes. Which is probably more of a condemnation of my study habits than anything else, but...

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